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An increasing number of businesses are making the permanent transition to remote-first work policies. Including the likes of Facebook, Aetna, Amazon and Adobe. They also reaping the benefits of a distributed workforce. One way remote companies function is by setting up a virtual business address.

A virtual address provides the same value as a physical address. Does minus the hefty lease fees and time spent commuting. There’s no doubt that virtual business addresses are surging in popularity. It serve as an ideal solution to operating a fully-functioning business despite working remotely.

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What is a Virtual Business Address ?


Do you want to know what a virtual business address is? A virtual business address with a physical address for your office-related services. It is brilliant at mail management today. It facilitates protected and faster handling of Emails plus other benefits for eCommerce business and personal use. Keeps the household address private in ads and equivalence. With a virtual business office, employees can work from any place. But still have things like a call answering service, mailing address, video conferencing and meeting rooms etc.

5 Benefits of Virtual Business Address

Here are our top 5 Benefits of Virtual Business Address:

1. Smarter Logistics

Virtual addresses offer premium mail logistics. That allows your employees to steer clear of time-consuming tasks and focus on revenue-generating activities. Stable’s mail partners have been in business for over 35 years. They provide invaluable support to your team by scanning, shredding, uploading, or forwarding your mail that arrives at your virtual address.

2. Location Of Your Choice

In need of a unique marketing tactic? Many companies change to a virtual address. So their business delivers a more credible and legitimate first impression for prospective clients. With numerous CMRA certified businesses available on Stable––from Silicon Valley to San Francisco––virtual addresses will give you the 5-minute makeover, you’ve been searching for!

3. Easy Expansion

A virtual address means your company is no longer defined by physical boundaries or limited space as you scale, rendering an economical alternative to costly rental contracts. Better yet––you can choose to set up multiple offices around the country and expand your workforce without having to upgrade your lease budget.

4. Increased Productivity

Virtual offices are a great way to boost employee satisfaction and productivity. According to a recent Forbes study, 47% of employees feel more productive when working from home. The 43% of Americans would still prefer to work from home even once the pandemic has come to an end. Ultimately, your newly dispersed team will benefit from a flexible work-life balance––known to decrease employee turnover.

5. Support & Automation

We’re proud to offer ongoing support for every one of our clients to ensure they make the most out of their Stable account through email, chat, or phone calls. We’ll manage and digitize mail on our end, and all you need to do is visit your Stable dashboard to virtually manage your correspondence. 

Get automated Slack notifications when new mail arrives. Along with other awesome integrations accessible from one powerful platform!